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Volunteering in our dunes

Meet Suzi, a volunteer at the Semaphore Largs Dunes Group

Suzi and her husband, Steve, moved from Gawler to Semaphore nearly fifteen years ago, entranced by the beauty of its natural environment and the promise of strong community this coastal suburb offers. Wanting to become enmeshed in the life of Semaphore, she saw volunteering as the best way to do this.
Initially, she volunteered with SA Conservation Volunteers, but the work took her away from Semaphore. She needed something local, close to home, where she could work alongside others in the community with a similar passion for the place in which they lived.

Discovering the Semaphore Largs Dunes Group

And that’s where the Semaphore Largs Dunes Group came in. Joining in 2019, just a few months after it was established, Suzi found herself working alongside volunteers who proved to be fonts of knowledge on the flora and fauna of the coastal environment. Now, more than four years on, Suzi loves the camaraderie of the group and the connection the work gives to her environment. And there is satisfaction in learning about the fascinating ecology of the dunes environment, and helping to care for it.

Finding Satisfaction in Caring for the Dunes

The results are visible, tangible. ‘I love pulling up introduced weeds,’ Suzi admits. Those non-endemic plants too tricky to remove by hand are tagged for Council workers to follow up. In the winter, the group plants native flora including fan flower, pigface, and grasses, and in summer they’re watered when needed.

‘It’s such a relaxing thing to do,’ says Suzi. ‘An hour and a half on a Monday morning, working alongside others. No pressure to turn up if you’ve got something else on. Coffee and cake with the gang at a café afterwards.’

Suzi admits to a sense of ownership of her own ‘patch’, as do others in the group. ‘I feel a great attachment to this area,’ she says, surrounded by fan flower the colour of a fine morning sky.

Explore Local Volunteering Opportunities and Environmental Groups

Semaphore Largs Dunes Group meets on Monday mornings at various locations along the coastal path between Semaphore and Largs North. Find out more

There are also many other ways to volunteer and get involved with local groups and environmental organisations.

Find an opportunity that resonates with your interests, and take the first step toward making a meaningful contribution to the community and the environment.

Get started by looking at our local groups info sheet here.

Or get in touch with us at the Port Environment Centre and we can talk through some of the different options (via phone, email, or come and visit).

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