Street Champion Sarah.

A selfie of two people with a view of the hills.

Project: Beautifying Albany Street

Suburb: Grange, South Australia

Sarah is a Street Champion who, along with her neighbours, helped to beautify their street.

She moved to Albany Street 4 years ago and created a garden for herself where previously there was none, providing a haven for bees and birds. That established, she started helping neighbours with their gardening needs and got to meet more and more neighbours. A few neighbours helped her establish a frog friendly pond in her garden.

She wanted to continue to beautify the street and neighbours and opted to place wicking beds on Albany St. verge (with council approval) which is a very generous space. They have been growing vegetables and edible flowers. Neighbours have all contributed in their own ways which has been wonderful. Neighbours have also contributed to setting up a book box, which also from time to time has other things that community may help themselves to, e.g. seeds, cuttings, Halloween lollies, Christmas lollies, etc. There are a couple of neighbours who now mow the verges of just about the whole street which keeps things looking good. They were also lucky enough to be recipients of beautiful stobie pole art work, created by a local artist who is helping to beautify their beautiful neighbourhood.

Neighbours setting up wicking beds on their streets together.
Friends of Albany street setting up wicking beds for the community to enjoy.

“I can't change the world but I can do what I can for my little piece of it, for community and also for Nature.”

Wicking beds full of plants on a street, with a dog in front.
A wicking bed.

Sarah, what’s your best piece of advice for anyone embarking on an ‘In Our Street’ project?

“Get to know your neighbours, its amazing what can be achieved with many hands, ideas and varied skills on offer. You will all be the richer for it.”

A little library on Albany Street.
Little Library on Albany Street.
A painted stobie pole describing the Albany Street Garden.
Street Art on Albany Street.

What has this project meant to you?

“It has enhanced the place I live and created friendships to last a lifetime. I can’t change the world but I can do what I can for my little piece of it, for community and also for Nature.”