Street Champion Brooklyn.

Project: Friends of Mudge Way

Suburb: Bowden

Brooklyn is a Street Champion who is part of Friends of Mudge Way, a community gardening group involved in a greening project in Mudge Way Reserve Bowden, situated along the train line.

As a collective over the year they have:

  • Installed 6 raised wicking planter beds
  • Planted a macadamia tree
  • Planted perennial herbs
  • Planted native bush foods – the start of a wildlife corridor and lizard attracting habitat
  • Installed 3 bird habitat boxes in nearby eucalypt trees.

Their focus as a group is on their collective values of environment care, advocacy, and sharing of produce and resources.

“It has helped me to connect with residents in my community through a safe and meaningful space.”

Brooklyn, what’s your best piece of advice for anyone embarking on an ‘In Our Street’ project?

“Get to know your neighbours slowly and organically. Say hey when passing them and start to learn about similar interests, like cycling to work or gardening. Learn about shared core values that you may have with neighbours on your street.

Then, start your project together from this place of shared values and this way your project will have more momentum going forward.”

What has this project meant to you?

“It has helped me to connect with residents in my community through a safe and meaningful space. It has helped me to spread my passion for food growing and local food security out into my community in a tangible and practical way. I can get direct feedback from my community and the garden about how my local environment is going, what it needs and what is really helping and thriving.

Personally it has helped me to stretch my comfort zone, to step into leadership roles and to work on my confidence building.”