Street Champion Bazz.

Project: Ovingham Greening Group

Suburb: Ovingham, South Australia

Barry, or ‘Bazz’ as he’s more commonly known, is a Street Champion who found himself wanting to beautify his neighbourhood after he retired. He found he could no longer walk past an ugly, neglected and overgrown strip of land along the railway line in his street and not do something about it.

He wrote to council asking if he could create a bee and butterfly garden in its place. Council was very supportive and even arranged clearing the site and installing an irrigation system.

While discussions were taking place with Council, Bazz letterboxed the surrounding streets twice, inviting residents to a working bee.

The first working bee was in April 2021 and “Ovingham Greening” was born.

Since then, they have held monthly gatherings/working bees, planted hundreds of trees, shrubs and groundcovers, created paths, installed a native bee hotel, a gabion seat, bird boxes and microbat boxes. They have a facebook group and produce a monthly newsletter.

They held a street party to celebrate their first anniversary, and this will be an annual event.

The results:

They have created a beautiful oasis in their suburb.

They have provided crucial habitat for bees, birds and butterflies.

And importantly, they have created a community.

"It has given me purpose."

A picture of the Ovingham Greening Group, established in 2021.
A group of smiling people sharing food and drinks at a community planting event.

Bazz, what’s your best piece of advice for anyone embarking on an ‘In Our Street’ project?

“Consult people. Involve people. Engage with people.

Be inclusive. There is a place, and a purpose and role for all.

Create partnerships, work with Council, connect with like minded groups.”

A picture of a pathway and plants.
A picture of planted tube stock.

What has this project meant to you?

“It has given me purpose.

I have met so many people and formed so many new friendships.

It has helped my mental and physical health.”

A picture of pathway and planted area.
A picture of mosaic tiles with animals on them.
A picture of colourfully painted bird boxes.
A picture of painted rocks.