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Seeds For Change

Who are Seeds for Change?

by Ryan Liew (Port Environment Centre Volunteer)

Seeds for Change was created by the Junction Community Centre, located in Ottoway, and received grant funding from Green Adelaide and the City of Port Adelaide Enfield over the last two years. The community group was part of a community-driven revegetation initiative to assist residents in affordably reducing radiant heat on their streets and homes while increasing local biodiversity.

Although the initial grant project was completed, the group members have continued to meet regularly and propagate local native plants to help green Ottoway’s gardens and streets. The group is also growing community connections by sharing knowledge about native plants and helping people to get involved in their local area.  There are 15 core members, with more locals joining and participating in events and activities.

The group has also created over 100 local native plant fact sheets that detail basic information including planting and care info, how to propagate and the fauna the plant supports. Seeds for Change is currently developing even more fact sheets.

The local native plant fact sheet can be accessed here and are FREE for anyone to access, download or print out.

Example of one of Seeds for Change's Native Plant Fact Sheets

Events and Activities

Seeds for Change hosts various events and activities throughout the year. Although the group is based in Ottoway, anyone interested in learning more about plant propagation and local native plants is invited to join in.

Plant propagation workshops are interactive and informative sessions run by Seeds for Change volunteers, where participants engage in propagating native plants by seed and cuttings. They will also learn about a variety of local native species and their role in the ecosystem and be able to network with local community members.

Seeds for Change Verge

The group also hosts planting days which involve the planting of native species that have been propagated into a variety of verge areas and reserves. Planting days aims to create more native green spaces and raise community awareness.

Scheduled weeding and maintenance days invite community involvement in maintaining the emerging biodiverse areas. This fosters a sense of ownership and pride in the local area, encouraging neighbours to join in and nurture the well-being of nearby green spaces.

Seeds for Change also coordinates other planting or propagation activities to align with environmental awareness events such as the Nature Festival, World Environment Day, and Biodiversity Month.

How to Find Out More and Get Involved

To learn more about Seeds for Change and keep up to date with upcoming events, including regular propagation workshops, head to the group’s Facebook page.

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