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Resource Recovery Depot

Do you have things lying around your home that you aren’t sure of how to dispose of thoughtfully?

Volunteers at the Port Environment Centre have set up a Resource Recovery Depot for some tricky items to be rehomed, reused or recycled appropriately. They are:

  • Corks (for reuse)
  • Plastic pens and markers (to be recycled)
  • Old reading glasses (to be rehomed)
  • X-rays (to be recycled)
  • Glass jars (for reuse)

As well as dropping items off, we invite you to come by and collect some of the clean glass jars for your pantry, kitchen or home storage or take some of the old wine corks for your craft projects.

Drop off clean items during our opening hours (Wed, Thurs, Fri 10am – 3pm, second Sunday of each month 10am – 2pm) or when you are at PEC for an event or meeting.

Look for the bright yellow signs in the back room and please follow all instructions.

People are also welcome to take clean glass jars to reuse.

Want to know what else you can recycle or rehome locally? We also have a Recycling guide for common items here in the Port Adelaide area – you can access this online or grab a printed copy at PEC.

The Resource Recovery Depot is a project by PECWAG. The Port Environment Centre Waste Advisory Group (PECWAG) is a collaborative group comprised of PEC volunteers, community members interested in waste and resource recovery and Waste Officers from the City of Port Adelaide Enfield. Read more about PECWAG, how they got started and what they’ve been working on at

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