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Port River Portraits

A beautiful day with blue skies and light winds greeted a dozen people keen to draw, sketch, and soak in the sights, sounds and textures of Mangrove Cove and Ethelton Park at the Port River Portraits workshop on Sunday 8 October 2023.

We were a diverse group, budding artists from 80 to eight, and everywhere in between.

Many of us had been meaning to grab paper, pencil and pen for years, never quite finding the time. Or was it a sense of not thinking we were creative enough? All of us wanting to reconnect with the natural attention and mindfulness a pencil in hand and an object to draw can bring.

Before the drawing got under way Catherine McMahon, from Estuary Care Foundation, talked of the ecology of the area: the saltbush, pigface and native grasses; the razor fish to be found in the river and the native oysters that stud the distinctive pinna shells; the wondrous mangroves that give the adjacent cove its name.

At each stop, Kaz Pedersen, our art teacher for the day, gave her best tips for rendering nature on a piece of paper, encouraging everyone to draw boldly and welcome the ’mistakes’ we might make.
For there are no mistakes when you choose to spend time in nature. We all know that.

Words and images by Cameron Raynes (PEC Volunteer)

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