In Our Street

In Our Street brings together neighbours to work on building sustainable, connected communities. Neighbours meet, set small achievable goals, and work towards projects.

The Port Environment Centre has created lots of great materials to help support small, local, In Our Street groups to develop and take on their own little environmental projects.

We have started to test the concept, in partnership with the City of Port Adelaide Enfield, and currently have 3 pilot groups within the local area (Semaphore South, Newport Quays & Port Adelaide).

Here's some examples to get you thinking.....

What's next....

We’re busy fine tuning the project guides and materials and look forward to opening up In Our Street to everyone soon.

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Growing Together - In Our Street

During the winter of 2022, we ran a pilot of The Growing Together Project, an example of an In Our Street idea.

In partnership with the City of Port Adelaide Enfield, we asked people to bring their neighbours together and collectively commit to planting 4 trees (provided FREE by us) and 16 native understory plants (provided by them).

Over winter, 3 street champions rallied their neighbours (friends & strangers) to increase the greenery in their yards, together.

13 trees & 50+ native tube stocks were planted, big and little helping hands gardened together, seeds were swapped & many new friendships forged.

We’re currently reviewing this project, but if you’re interested in participating next year, send us an email at