In Our Street.

‘In Our Street’ is a framework that brings together neighbours to work on building sustainable, connected communities. Neighbours meet, set small achievable goals, and work on environmental projects that create greener, kinder, more supportive neighbourhoods.

We have created a range of resources to assist people in undertaking projects in their own communities. Are you ready to become a Street Champion?

These resources exist thanks to the generous support of our funders, the City of Port Adelaide Enfield, the Suzanne Elliot Charitable Trust and Green Adelaide.

Find out what other Street Champions have done in their neighbourhoods.

Street Champion Amy on verge gardens, food sharing and connecting with neighbours. 

Street Champion Julie on unconventional streets, little libraries and belonging.

Street Champion Laura on native plants, urban trees and unlocking your passions.

We’ve collected a stack of stories of great humans doing wonderful things in their neighbourhoods. Explore them here and get inspired about different possibilities. 

Brooklyn holding seedlings in a garden.
Jacob smiling in a garden, in front of wicking beds.
Yesha smiling at a native plant sale for 2030 Species.
'Bazz' Sherwell smiling at the camera

Become a Street Champion.

Are you ready to start a project in your street / apartment / neighbourhood?

  1. Get inspired by exploring our resources and read about other Street Champions.
  2. Tell us you’re getting ready to go by registering your intent (scroll down)
  3. Gather your neighbours
  4. Set a goal. What kind of eco-friendly street would you like to live in?
  5. Start making plans and take action towards your project
  6. Celebrate the little wins along the way!
  7. Let us know how you are going
Neighbours building wicking beds together.
Street Champion Sarah and her neighbours setting up a Community Garden on their street.

Think of our resources as an instruction manual, only a FAR less boring version than the one wedged behind your refrigerator. Some people like to read them front-to-back. Others will skim read and some people prefer to skip the whole thing and figure it out by trial and error. Find them all here.

Got questions? Check out our FAQs.

Need a little more support?

Email us at or visit the Port Environment Centre (27 North Parade, Port Adelaide, 5015).

Ready to start?

Let us know that you’re planning on reaching out to your neighbours, or have started something small in your local area, by completing this short form. This will help us to know know how many people are using the In Our Street resources and let us check back in with you to see how you’re going!

To say thank you for sending us your details, we’re currently offering $10 native plant vouchers (~4 tubestock!) from local legends Deidre and Steve (Bringing Back the Butterflies & Seeds for Change).

“I can’t begin to put into words how rewarding and beneficial this experience has been for everyone involved.” - A Really Great Street Champion.

Three smiling volunteers sitting down at a Woodville Greening Group gardening session.
Street Champions from the Woodville Greening Group.

The Port Environment Centre is a community driven organisation and ‘gathering place’ in Port Adelaide that supports the community in living sustainably, caring for, and connecting with the environment. We are a not-for-profit organisation and registered charity. We receive foundational funding from Green Adelaide. The In Our Street project was started under a Partnership Project with the City of Port Adelaide Enfield and continues with funding from the Suzanne Elliott Charitable Trust.

Disclaimer: The ideas and suggestions on this website and within the In Our Street handbook are examples only. Individuals are responsible for taking adequate safety precautions, obtaining relevant permissions and observing any relevant laws or regulations related to their activities. Port Environment Centre can provide support and resources, however the responsibility for these projects and activities sits with your street and how you would like to structure it.