In Our Street Resources.

Think of our resources as an instruction manual, only a FAR less boring version than the one wedged behind your refrigerator. Some people like to read them front-to-back. Others will skim read, and some people prefer to skip the whole thing and figure it out by trial and error.

The great thing about In Our Street, is that it’s totally up to you.

Importantly, take things at your own pace.

It’ll be really worthwhile (we promise).

What's included?

  • Handbook: A fairly extensive guide for Street Champions. This will take you through the whole process, from I-don’t-know-my-neighbours and where-on-earth-do-I-begin?! all the way through to completing a fully-fledged project with your very own neighbourhood pals.
  • Templates: Download this for the nitty gritty of the resources. It includes all the resources you can print and use at your gatherings, like mind-maps, project plan templates and more.
  • Examples: Stuck for goals or project ideas? We’ve created two example goals with a bunch of project ideas to get you inspired.

We'd love to hear from you once you get started.

Join our ‘active project register’ by completing this short form. This will let us know how many people are using the resources and let us check back in with you to see how you’re going!

To say thank you for sending us your details, we’re currently offering $10 native plant vouchers (~4 tubestock!) from local legends Deidre and Steve (Bringing Back the Butterflies & Seeds for Change).