The Growing Together Project

Applications now CLOSED for 2024

Across Adelaide neighbours are coming together to make positive changes to their neighbourhood. In partnership with the City of Port Adelaide Enfield, we are offering FREE ‘mature’ trees (each valued at $60-80) to plant in your gardens, in a joint project with your neighbours.

We are looking for ‘Street Champions’ to bring together neighbours or friends from at least 3 local households (including yours) and collectively commit to planting trees (provided by City of PAE) and native understory plants (provided by the Port Environment Centre) in your gardens (private property only). Groups can decide how they allocate the trees and understory plants within the participating households.

Make sure to read the criteria (scroll down) for all the details!

Register your interest before 10 March 2024. We’ll send you more info and can answer any questions. 

The Growing Together Project helps you increase greening and biodiversity, cool your suburb, while meeting others in your local area.

Why 'Growing Together'?

“I had warm chats with people I had never met – who I now consider my neighbourhood pals. I got to gently encourage local natives as alternatives to future landscaping plans, spoke about urban heat mapping, canopy cover, laughed when lorikeets were trying to get involved in the conversation, learnt from a quiet verge planting master (who also thinks lawn is a little boring) and saw some beautifully chaotic/dense lifelong gardening efforts from people who just welcomed me in.”

Jacob – Growing Together Project 2022

image: Darren Clements Photography

Unfortunately, we continue to lose trees from private land, leaving many streets and suburbs vulnerable to the impacts of heat during summer. Encouraging community members to plant more trees with the help of neighbours through the “Growing Together Project” is a great way to help cool our suburbs.

Heat Map of City of Port Adelaide Enfield

This grassroots approach not only tackles the problem at its source but also fosters a sense of community and shared responsibility. Trees provide cooling and shade to homes and buildings, thereby reducing electricity bills, increasing property value, and serving as a crucial adaptation strategy to the impacts of climate change.

image: Indigo Skies Photography

The Criteria

  • Must reside within City of Port Adelaide Enfield
  • Minimum commitment from 3 households* in your neighbourhood (within City of PAE)
  • Limited number of trees and tree types available.
  • Trees will be provided for free but will need to be collected locally
  • You select the types of trees from the species list**
  • 4 native understory tubestock plants will be provided per tree**
  • Trees must be planted on private property only, not in the verge/nature strip***
  • Must have sufficient yard space for trees****
  • Must be planted by 31 July 2024, or earlier!

*Neighbours don’t need to be in your ‘street’ but must be in your local area.

**Plants don’t have to be distributed evenly. Households can participate simply by helping to garden or to take on more of the understory plants! Watering and maintenance to be done by the participants.

***Permission will need to be acquired for those renting from the property owner. If you wish to have trees on your verge, you must make a separate request via the city of PAE’s online services portal Request new or replacement council trees

****Allocated yard space must be minimum 1 square metre & 1 cubic metre of soil capacity per tree, with adequate space for canopy that won’t adversely impact neighbours, roofs etc.

The Process - applications now closed for 2024

  1. Interested? Email to register your interest by 10 March 2024We’ll send you more info!
  2. Reach out to your neighbours (we have some letterbox cards you can use). Determine who is interested & who has space for which species.
  3. Fill in our short application survey by 14 April 2024.
  4. If you’re successful – collect your trees (June / July 2024*) & get planting!
  5. Additional info on how to grow and maintain your tree will be provided
  6. Plant your trees & native plants by 31 July 2024 (or earlier!)
  7. Send us an update with some photos! We’d love to see!

*Trees can be picked up from the PAE Nursery in early June or as arranged with the Port Environment Centre.

Here’s a postcard template that can be downloaded to start a conversation with your neighbours (CLICK HERE). Or drop into the Port Environment Centre and we can give you some printed copies.

Upcoming Event

Come along for our February Sunday Session at the Port Environment Centre to learn more about the Growing Together Project. Chat with experts about your local heat map zones and learn more about suitable tree species for our suburbs.

This is your chance to ask questions, find out more, and directly contribute to improving microclimatic conditions!

Free / All Welcome/ Drop in anytime between 10-2 pm on Sunday 11 February.

More info