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Featured Author: David Suzuki

 “The greatest environmentalist of our age…What a life, and what an inspiration.” Tim Flannery

David Suzuki has been a strong advocate on climate change action, and back in 1990, the David Suzuki Foundation ( was formed. 

“It has grown from a small group taking on national and international issues to a larger, bilingual one focusing on Canada’s place and role in a world facing multiple crises, from biodiversity loss to climate disruption. With offices in Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto, the Foundation focuses on evidence-based solutions aimed at climate resilience, ocean health, biodiversity protection, recognition of Indigenous rights and title, and public empowerment.”

He’s travelled the world speaking passionately about the environment. He collaborates with scientists and environmentalists in driving change.

David has a background in academics, with an interest in genetics and went into broadcasting in the 1970s.

We have a fantastic selection of books donated by Maxine Jones that are available for you to borrow from our library.

  • It’s a matter of survival (with Anita Gordon) – 1991
  • Wisdom of the elders (with Peter Knudtson) – 1997
  • The Sacred Balance (with Amanda McConnell) – 1997
  • Good news for a change: Hope for a troubled planet (with Holly Dressel) – 2001
  • From naked ape to Superspecies: A Personal Perspective on Humanity and the Global Ecocrisis (with Holly Dressel) – 1999
  • David Suzuki: The Autobiography – 2006
  • The Legacy: An Elder’s vision for a sustainable future – 2010

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