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Estuary Care Foundation

Did you know that estuaries are where fresh water from the land (via streams and drains) mixes with salt water from the ocean?

Do you know what kinds of bird and marine life call our local estuaries (Port River and Barker Inlet) home?

Have you ever wondered what is being done to protect our local estuaries?

Have you wondered why the tides have recently been so high around the Port River?

The Barker Inlet and Port River Estuary (which extends from St Kilda to Port Adelaide ) are vital to our local ecology and environment.  There are so many fascinating things to learn about this estuary, including it’s importance to a range of bird and marine life and the ongoing connection people have to it. Luckily there is a group who are very knowledgeable about this area and are keen to share their passion for all things to do with caring for our local estuaries.

Who is Estuary Care Foundation?

The Estuary Care Foundation SA (EFC) was established in 2016 to promote the protection of the ecology and shorelines of Barker Inlet and the Port River. The group is made up of committed local volunteers who have taken on this key role in promoting and advocating issues of importance to the estuary’s survival.

As well as taking on an advocacy role on a range of issues (eg, addressing the effects of climate change, decreasing local pollution and conserving and protecting local ecology), the Foundation also conducts and supports a range of research, monitoring, education and training activities. They do this in collaboration with local residents, community organisations, industries, corporations, and governments.

What have they been working on?

Some of the projects that have been undertaken by EFC are:

Concerns about flood risk

As well as highlighting the Port River and Barker Inlet as an amazing living system which supports lots of animal and plant life, the EFC is also working to highlight some local issues of concern.

Of current concern to EFC is the increasingly high tides that have been happening around the Port River, which will pose risks to both the natural ecology and the people living around the area. The Foundation is working to highlight the fact that flooding events will become increasingly severe, and they believe that more needs to be done to safely contain the river and ensure that residents and businesses in the area are protected.

Information on local flooding risk can be found on the EFC website and through this short video.

The EFC encourages all local residents and interested community members to stay informed about this important issue and welcomes support in advocating to governments to take action.

Want to learn more?

So, if you are wanting to know the answers to your questions about our amazing local estuary, start by having a look at the Estuary Care Foundation’s work on their website .

EFC members also love sharing what they do with the community and encourage people to get involved through attending events, or becoming involved in advocacy.

Following the EFC facebook page @PortAdelaideRiver is a really good way of staying up to date with what is happening around the Estuary. You can also contact the foundation by email at

Next time you are out exploring the Port River or Barker Inlet you might see some of the ECF volunteers at work or see some of their projects in action. What a great opportunity to learn about this unique local place!

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