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Coastal Sand Dune Rehabilitation Project update

Project Update – February 2022

The Coastal Sand Dune Rehabilitation Project aims to build resilience in coastal environments across the LeFevre Peninsula and Biodiversity Park. The project is volunteer lead, initiated by volunteers from Semaphore Largs Dunes Group, Taperoo Dunes Group, Friends of North Haven Dunes and Port Adelaide Residents Environment Protection Group (PAREPG).

2021 Highlights

10 Community Weeding Days

  • 20 – 35 participants per day
  • approx. 750 volunteer hours

5 Plant ID Workshops

  • 52 participants
  • approx. 200 volunteer hours

Contractor Support

  • new plantings watered
  • difficult weeds removed

Building Community

The community weeding days and plant ID workshops, facilitated by Trees for Life, helped to foster community connections and encouraged people to learn about and contribute to their local environment.

In August, students from The Clontarf Foundation spent a morning working with dune group volunteers to help revegetate the local dunes with indigenous plants.

The project has protected biodiversity in the area through the revegetation of native species, weed and pest control and creating biodiversity links across the peninsula.

It has contributed to the health of the coastal dune system. Dune systems are significant due to the high levels of biodiversity and the role they perform as a buffer between land and sea. Restoring the dunes builds resilience to threats from erosion, storm surge and rising sea levels.

The project creates positive outcomes for the environment, community and economy.

The project continues in 2022 with propagation, planting and seed collecting workshops and another series of community weeding days.

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This project is funded by Green Adelaide and the City of Port Adelaide Enfield.

The project has received funding from the Green Adelaide Grassroots Grants program which aims to support wide ranging efforts by individuals and groups to maintain and improve their local environments.

The project is a volunteer led project of Semaphore Largs Dune Group, Taperoo Dunes, Friends of North Haven Dunes, and Port Adelaide Residents Environment Protection Group (PAREPG) with support from the Port Environment Centre.

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