And new dates for 2022 community days and workshops have been released.

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Coastal Sand Dune Rehabilitation Project

The Coastal Sand Dune Rehabilitation Project is a new project in 2021 / 2022 contributing to the maintenance, restoration, and enhancement of the coastal dune system and Biodiversity Park on LeFevre Peninsula.

The aim of the project is to increase biodiversity through re-vegetation, weed and pest control, and to create a coastal and coast to river biodiversity link over time.

This project is funded by Green Adelaide and the City of Port Adelaide Enfield.

The project has received funding from the Green Adelaide Grassroots Grants program which aims to support wide ranging efforts by individuals and groups to maintain and improve their local environments.

Community Weeding Days supported by Trees for Life

A series of community weeding days will be facilitated by Trees for Life, working to manually remove small and easy to manage weed.

Up to 50 participants can join these community days. We hope lots of community members, local business and corporate groups will join us and get to know the local natural environments.

The focus of the days will be to eradicate as many weeds as possible and raise community awareness of the threat of invasive plant species and highlight the importance of keeping those plants under control.

Please register to attend these FREE community sessions, so we can manage event attendance using the links below.

Community weeding dates and locations:



School groups, local businesses, corporate groups and community groups are welcome to attend as a group. Please check in with event organisers to find out more. Individuals are also encouraged to register and come along.

Find out more information by email to

Plant ID Workshops run by Trees for Life

A series of 6 plant ID workshops will be run by Trees for Life.

The workshops will be tailored to equip volunteers with the skills, knowledge and take away resources to identify the difference between exotic weeds and indigenous plants.

The workshop sessions will be ‘hands-on’, with a mixture of field and classroom activities. Workshop participants will be provided with resources which they can utilise when they are working on ground.

Coastal groups will increase their knowledge of indigenous plants and weeds, including being able to use field guides and keys to identify plants.

Course Content:

  • Introduction to general botany and floral anatomy of coastal areas
  • Characteristics of the major plant families
  • How to use botanical and other plant identification books
  • How to use an herbarium to develop knowledge
  • Practical plant identification of common species

Workshop format:

9:00am – 11:00am classroom session (Port Environment Centre) 11am – 1pm field session (various local locations).

Workshop dates:



The workshops have limited places and bookings are essential. If you have booked and can no longer attend, please contact the Port Environment Centre so we can make your place available for someone else.

Priority is given to active volunteers in the relevant local groups.

Other project activities

Other work will also be undertaken in these areas as part of the Green Adelaide Grassroots Grant. Work includes professional weed control for larger and more challenging species such as coastal galenia and boxthorn. This work will be done by profressional contractors with experience in revegetation and restoration of natural landscapes.

The Clontarf Foundation is an Aboriginal Boys Youth Program based at Ocean View College. They will participate in the Plant ID Workshops and the weeding days lead by the Trees for Life team, gaining hands on experience in the coastal habitat.

The Taperoo Dunes website will be upgraded to include a section dedicated to education and communication with school students.

Project Partners

This project is funded by Green Adelaide and the City of Port Adelaide Enfield.

This project is made possible through a Green Adelaide Grassroots Grant.

This project is an initiative of:

  • Semaphore Largs Dunes Group
  • Taperoo Dunes Group
  • Friends of North Haven Dunes
  • Port Adelaide Residents Environment Protection Group (PAREPG)

Port Environment Centre is pleased to be supporting this great, local, volunteer driven project.