About the Centre

The Port Environment Centre is a community driven organisation and ‘gathering place’ that supports the community in living sustainably, valuing, caring for, learning about and enjoying the experience of the natural coastal, marine and estuarine environment.

The Port Environment Centre opened in March 2019 with strong community support. Read our start-up story here.

The Centre will achieve this by delivering a range of services and activities that:


  • Celebrate and acknowledge Aboriginal history and presence
  • Celebrate and promote the local natural environment as part of Port Adelaide’s ‘identity of place’
  • Provide information and resources about sustainable living and the local coastal, marine and estuarine environments
  • Cultivate people’s understanding and appreciation in connecting with our natural environment.


  • Support the conservation, restoration and monitoring of the coastal, marine and estuarine environment
  • Support community engagement, skill development and knowledge building towards sustainability, conservation and restoration
  • Promote citizen science and other opportunities for the community to volunteer in monitoring the environment.


  • Promote opportunities for the community to be involved in local environment groups’ and their activities
  • Encourage learning between different age groups and communities, including school communities and new migrants
  • Promote local nature based tourism as learning opportunities
  • Encourage state wide groups that have a coast and marine focus to share their expertise.


  • Encourage collaboration between existing and new community groups engaged in sustainable living and the protection and restoration of the natural coastal, marine and estuarine environment
  • Support existing and new local environmental organisations in promoting and coordinating their activities
  • Act as an community information referral centre on local coastal, marine and estuarine issues
  • Collaborate with other community natural resource / environment centres (NRCs / ECs) and with other local centres to offer complementary programs.


  • Provide opportunities for the community to visit and experience the local environment.
  • Create a centre as a ‘gathering place’ that is welcoming and where people can socialise.

Port Environment Centre is guided by our Strategic Plan (October 2020).