The Port Environment Centre is a community driven organisation and 'gathering place' that supports the community in living sustainably, valuing, caring for, learning about and enjoying the experience of the natural coastal, marine and estuarine environment.

Show your support for the Port Environment Centre by becoming a member.

Share our ‘gathering place’, stay informed through our e-newsletter, connect with and support our local environment and attend our programs and events.

Membership is just $10 per year (or $5 concession) and we also welcome young people (12 – 16 years) to become Associate Members (FREE).


We invite members to contribute their skills, expertise and knowledge by joining the Port Environment Centre Management Committee.

The Port Environment Centre is governed by a Management Committee of passionate locals, who support the PEC staff & volunteers to provide a range of community & environmental services.



Have a look at our COASTAL PLACES GUIDE!

Printed copies available at the Port Environment Centre, or at the Port Adelaide Civic Centre and the Port Adelaide Visitor Information Centre.

This guide highlights some of our cherished coastal places. We hope this guide inspires and supports you to discover and connect with our diverse natural environments and that you enjoy connecting with Port Adelaid’es nature as much as we do.

Our coastal environments and the sites shared in this guide are treasured by many. We encourage you to take time to observe, learn and tread lightly when enjoying our coastal places.


*Funding for this guide was received from the City of Port Adelaide Enfield through the Covid Recovery Program.

Who we are

The Port Environment Centre is a place to meet like-minded individuals and learn more about the local environment, local environmental community groups and how to live more sustainably in your own home.

Come in to talk to us about the environment or sustainable living, find a book in our community library, or recycle your unusual items in our resource recovery station run by the Port Environment Centre Waste Advisory Group (PECWAG).

A big part of what we do here at the centre are events and activities. To be kept up to date with upcoming events and opportunities sign up to our mailing list for monthly emails.

If you need a space to host an environment focused event or meeting, ask about hosting an event here.

There are so many great ways to get involved with many active local environmental community groups. We would love to help you get connected, so drop in for a chat, consider volunteering or attend one of our events.


Looking for opportunities to connect with nature?

We’re proud to share out Coastal Places Guide with you. Use it to discover local places to visit and enjoy our local natural environment.

Check out our nature bingo activities for the river and the coast, and our kids adventure trail.

Find out more at Our Environment.


Looking for ideas to be more sustainable at home?

Check out our Recycling in PAE brochure and the Plastic free shopping guide.

Consider planting local native plants in your garden or on your balcony.

You can find these and other useful links on our Links and Resources page.


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