How to get involved with the Port Environment Centre

Contributing to the Centre being Community Driven

PEC has an Advisory Committee and later in 2019 we’ll be seeking some rotation in our membership. Look out for opportunities to join the Committee. Contribute your ideas, skills, experience and passion to our Centre; more details below.

Register with the Centre as a potential Volunteer. 


Supporting our Gathering Place

The Centre aims to be physically open, to the extent that’s possible and needed, so that people can drop in to browse our resources, read and enjoy a cuppa, check on opportunities for volunteering etc. PEC is seeking volunteers who can assist with answering enquiries, keeping the Centre clean and well-presented, setting up for workshops and events, ‘hosting’ events or workshops at the Centre.

From April, groups will be welcome to use the Centre, in line with our purpose, and will be responsible for set up and clean up e.g. for a regular monthly meeting.  PEC will also use online platforms so that people can gather, share and learn, and we’ll link to the online resources and projects of other like-minded organisations.


Living Sustainably

If you have experience, tips, resources that help you live sustainably, then PEC would be interested in what you’ve learnt, what you do and how that might be shared more broadly.  Some early ideas about how PEC might share include;

  • workshops e.g. how to have a balcony veggie garden, how to create a green wall
  • info and small case studies on website
  • Facebook posts

PEC wants to partner with organisations and groups to offer workshops and develop projects e.g. re composting, recycling, active transport options.

If you’d like to learn more about living sustainably, come along to our workshops and events and keep checking out our website (we’ll be adding more resources over time).  We’d welcome volunteer support in researching, collating and presenting information about Living Sustainably.


Valuing the Natural Coastal, Marine and Estuarine Environment

There are many beautiful features for locals and visitors to enjoy, including beaches, walking & cycling paths, bushland, wetlands, islands, parks and adventure playgrounds. The Centre wants to promote free opportunities for individuals, families and children to enjoy these places, so feel free to post to our Facebook page and tell us why they matter to you.


Caring for and Learning about the Natural Coastal, Marine and Estuarine environment

PEC will be promoting the activities of local environment groups and coast, marine and estuarine groups.

Come into the Centre &/or look online to find out what these groups are doing and how you can get involved e.g. dune care, seagrass monitoring, clean ups, citizen science initiatives. PEC will partner with relevant government agencies e.g. Coast & Marine team of Adelaide & Mt Lofty NRM, City of Port Adelaide Enfield and with coast, marine and estuarine groups to offer events and develop projects.

 If you have a great idea for an environmental project or group, do get in touch. The Centre hopes to support and nurture new activities and groups e.g. dune care groups, Adopt a Spot. The Centre can advise and support groups to get underway e.g. connecting them to the relevant Council and NRM staff, assisting with their quest for volunteers, promoting their activities.

If you’d like to be part of the PEC volunteer team, supporting coastal, marine and estuarine care initiatives, then please register as a volunteer.

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